<![CDATA[aleksandr peikrishvili - Blog]]>Thu, 20 Oct 2022 04:55:29 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[August 07th, 2020]]>Fri, 07 Aug 2020 19:50:32 GMThttp://feeling.gay/blog/august-07th-2020Why am I here? Do you ask yourself this question? What is it that moves me at the deepest level? Or how do I share this newly found inner experience of myself with my partner or the world? Or how do I rise to the leadership challenges of the new role in my professional life?  Life is a process, a journey of self discovery and I feel lucky to have found my calling, to be present in a vulnerable and deep way and guide people on their life journeys.  To create and hold a space; to invite, love and nurture personal growth; to foster professional development in individual, relationship and group/team work.  Conflict and change, be it personal, professional or social, can feel isolating, can bring up our past hurts and old beliefs about ourselves, our fears and doubts and our hopes and dreams.   It is inspiring and sustainable to love what I do, to witness someone embracing more of their humanity, their inner and outer diversity, their dreams. Be it therapy, coaching or conflict facilitation, leadership development and coaching, or cultural transformation of the organization , I am excited to join you in discovering what is emerging. 
When invited to be a part of the launch of .gay I found myself in an interesting inner dialogue. I was moved to feel the opportunity and support.  I think for many of us, who have experienced being on the margins in some way, being centered can be such a complicated experience. and in particular, within the lgbtq experience, for those who have ease of fitting into the mainstream and can pass may suddenly be in contact with the uknown of what happens when one's being on the margins is revealed. the possible impact of loosing public attack, loss of ease of fitting in with the mainstream, and the inner implications of negotiating the price of coming out. Does one choose the safety, stability and security of belonging to the mainstream or the freedom of being oneself in the world, making oneself vulnerable to being attacked in the virtual world and to having one's margin of employability narrow ? of course, there is the ease of having the choice, that many who cannot pass do not have. And also the agony of being asked to make the decision. I think many of us can relate to this experience of choosing to honor one's humanity, authenticity and difference or experience of ease of belonging to the mainstream of a family, community, culture in some way.  Navigating the boundaries of inner and outer cultures, be it deep personal work, relationship conflicts or organizational development, is answering life's invitation to us to embrace more of ourselves, to connect with our core and to use the gifts of our lived experience, to facilitate cultural transformation. 
I am so touched to have the support of .gay to have the spotlight and my first ever website, a coming out to the world, as feeling.gay. THANK YOU! 
The irony of a life long journey of being shamed and attacked for my deep feeling, sensitivity and sensuality, as being outside of heteronormative gender role of what it means to be a man. and now a reclamation of having my first ever website domain and brand of my business be feeling.gay, an honoring of the gift of my capacity to deeply feel, join and catalyze transformation. The universe is smiling.   
Aleksandr Peikrishvili is a certified process oriented conflict facilitator, licensed clinician, certified consultant and coach, trainer and supervisor, locally in portland oregon and internationally, all around the globe